1) The other day someone had a crumb on their cheek and I talked to them for a minute and a half without telling them. I was relieved when the crumb finally fell off, because if someone else walked up to her and told she had a crumb, she would know I saw it the whole time.
2) I was at a holiday party for the newspaper at the community college I’m going to, sitting there eating macaroni and cheese Justin brought. I didn’t know him well, but he seemed like an exceptionally nice person. The macaroni and cheese didn’t have enough cheese on it though. It had a good amount of shredded cheddar, but that stuff doesn’t go as far as a liquid cheese.
“How’s that mac and cheese?”  DeJuan asked, somebody else who worked for the paper who was sitting behind me.
“Um, it’s okay,” I responded.
In this moment, I realized Justin was sitting at the same table as me. I instantly felt warm from embarrassment.
“Ah, okay, I ain’t gonna get none then,” DeJuan said.
“Well, no I mean… It’s good, you should get some.”
“Nah, nah, nah. You was honest, and I appreciate that. I definitely ain’t gonna get none.”
I nodded and said okay. Maybe I laughed awkwardly. I don’t know if DeJuan knew Justin brought the mac and cheese, but if he did, he is a huge prick.
Later on, somebody asked Justin where he got the recipe. He said it was his grandma’s. I was shitting on the man’s grandma.
I understand that in this situation, I’m less a terrible person, more a unaware one. None the less, I look like an asshole.
3) I ate some of my mom’s salsa yesterday and didn’t ask her if it was cool. I am going to do that again today.