I’m really lucky to grow up in a time when challenging traditional notions of masculinity is okay. I probably am only progressive about macho stuff, because I am shitty at being a man. Case in point, I got off the bus a while ago at the same time as this pretty Mexican girl who was carrying a bunch of grocery bags and her little kid. I asked her if she’d like me to carry one of the bags for her and she said yeah. I grabbed one of the bags and said “O wow this is heavy.” I immediately stopped and said, “I mean it’s not too heavy or anything.” I seriously was being a character in a shitty comedy. Turns out she didn’t really know English and had no idea what I said.
On a slightly related note, I really hate when people want to challenge traditional notions of masculinity, unless it’s something that benefits them. I am guilty of this too, but I’d like to think in less glaring ways. For example, I saw a girl post a Facebook status one day about how pitiful it was that a woman payed for a man at the restaurant that she waitressed at. Later on she posts a status about how she wants a man who would let her put makeup on him. She proceeded to have a fight with a couple of guys who insisted that they would never let anyone put makeup on them; she argued that they were being inflexible.
Anyway, whenever I feel unaccepted by society for my viewpoints I just Google “why progressives are smarter,” and feel better about myself.